Business Management

We offer a top-notch business management system that will set your platform on the right track giving it everlasting growth potential. We can re-brand every solution and customize it according to your preferences. Furthermore, our business management offers an easy way to keep the quality of our software for betting at the highest level, while avoiding the unnecessary impediments usually caused by malicious activities.

White Label Management

We offer safe and reliable white label management for all of our betting software products and services. We’re on the constant lookout for ways of giving our clients freedom to make their platform unique.

Our clients can also keep track throughout the entire development process to make sure that the final product suits their needs. Evona’s white-labeling will allow you to modify the product so it complies with different standards and legislation, in order for it to become certified.

Also, as one of the most important features of white labeling, you can brand the final product according to your needs. You can work on the configuration of the product, making it user-friendly and providing your customers with an outstanding experience.

business risk managment

Risk Management

We cover more than 100 000 live matches every month. We include regional leagues and divisions in fast-growing markets that we know are important to many of our partners’ businesses. The risks of partaking in such a large amount of betting events show those looking to abuse them.

In a highly dynamic global market, our Risk Management system will optimize and minimize potential risks ensuring maximum efficiency and safety. Our Risk management system enables automated identification. It also enables tracking, taking actions upon, and reporting fraudulent behavior of users.

What ensures extra safety is the implemented KYC system. The Know Your Customer feature requests further identification from the customers to prove legitimacy and provides a safer and more transparent betting environment. We constantly work, 24/7/365 in order to improve the quality of our betting software and the odds that we provide.

Back Office Administration

Evona´s Back-office administration system tracks player deposits and withdrawals. It also tracks account balances, sales, and more. Our betting software back-office administration system manages, distributes, and tracks the games that our customers interact with as well. 

This makes up the front-facing activities of our business and gives our customers a way to interact with our service. Using our Back Office Administration and making efficient use of the data obtained by Evona´s gaming platform could result in even larger revenue gains and improved customer loyalty. We can integrate these systems with other platforms, as well as with existing or legacy systems.

back office report ui

Affiliate System

Evona offers a full affiliate system with real-time statistics that helps you create, manage, track and analyze your own programs.

With our flexible platform, attracting online and offline traffic is now easier than ever.

Our fully responsive affiliate system can be deployed in multiple configurations to meet the exact needs of each client.

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