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Bingo Game: Evona’s top selling product

"For many of our clients, bingo has been a game changer that pushed their operations forward. We are looking forward to seeing this product thrive in many more markets to come."

A quick intro to get yourself familiar with the Bingo itself.

Bingo is an RNG (random number generator) game in which the outcome of the bets is generated with random selection. The event is displayed with game-drawn animation. There are 48 numbers in the virtual drum, grouped in 8 colors.
In every round, 35 out of 48 numbers are drawn and the time between the rounds is configurable, valued at 330 seconds (5,5 minutes).

– Players can choose 6,7,8,9,10 numbers on which they place their bet.
– The minimum number of bets is 6 and the system bets are configurable, based on clients’ preferences (suggested default setup – all combinations). Minimum and maximum pay-in is also configurable, as well as the maximum pay-out.
– Players can place bets on one round to 4 consecutive rounds.

– EVONA also introduced 9 additional features available for betting, such as first color bet, first ball even, first ball odd, first ball over 24.5, first ball under 24.5, sum of the first 5 balls over 122.5, sum of the first 5 balls under 122.5, more even balls, more odd balls.


Double Win – Before the round starts and the draw takes place, two random positions (configurable number of positions) are determined for the double win market with a STAR symbol. Every win that is assigned to that position is double both for basic and system bets.
Return Bet – Before the round starts and the draw takes place, one random position (configurable number of positions) is determined for the return bet market with a CLOVER. If any of the selected numbers that the player has on his ticket is drawn on that position, he will get his bet back, both basic and system.
Bonus Round – In addition to the standard 35 numbers, 5 more extra numbers will be drawn, a total of 40 numbers with predefined odd.
Golden Round – Golden round is a round in which the paytable is doubled, and the graphics (video/elements) take, as the name suggests, a golden color, making it appealing to the end customers. The frequency of the golden round is configurable based on the client’s preferences.


Color Bonus – This bonus is won when all 6 single-color numbers are selected on a single ticket in a single bet and all those numbers are drawn among the first “n” numbers in that round. This bonus can be won by multiple players at the same time, in which case the total amount is evenly distributed to all winning tickets. The amount of the bonus is defined by percentage from sales/total bets. The winning position can be changed so the game has more attraction when bigger amounts are to be won. It is won randomly based on a predefined payout.
Happy Hour – The number up until which the color bonus is drawn is configurable. Based on this, we created a feature that will increase that number, making it easier for the players to win the color bonus. 
For example: The regular color bonus is drawn up until the 15th number, then the Happy Hour color bonus is drawn up until the 20th number running between 18:00 and 22:00 every day. 
Mystery Jackpot – The amount is based on sales/total bets, and depends on the percentage. This bonus is assigned randomly to some winning tickets.
No Match Bonus – This bonus is won when none of the numbers from a single bet is drawn. The amount is defined depending on the percentage set in configuration from sales/total bets.

Our BINGO game is on a constant lookout for improvement as it is already a well-established game that delivers results for many of our customers across the globe. PASSION FOR INNOVATION

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