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Introducing our best solution for an All-In-One Casino Terminal

"...efforts that we invested in the African market revolutionized our SSBT into a multi-game betting machine that can be used as a slot machine with all products from our gaming portfolio."

Doing business in Africa has its challenges, one of which in many cases is the inability to purchase high-end machines that are up to date with the industry standards.
Additionally, being in a rapidly growing market of African countries, the competition is vast, which makes it an even bigger feat to deliver a product that will place an operator at the top of the food chain.
Fortunately, the experience that we at Evona have in African markets has given us a deep understanding of the issues at hand, and ultimately an idea for a solution to the said problems.
Introducing an all-in-one self-service betting terminal capable of delivering all the products of our portfolio:

       :heavy_check_mark: Casino Slot Games
       :heavy_check_mark: Roulettes
       :heavy_check_mark: Crash Games
       :heavy_check_mark: Scratch Games
       :heavy_check_mark: Virtual Racing Games
       :heavy_check_mark: Bingo
       :heavy_check_mark: Keno
       :heavy_check_mark: Lotto

Having such a diversified portfolio vouches for the following:

  • Not having to rely on a single product for financial stability
  • Cross-selling opportunities
  • Coverage for different punter profiles
  • Increased marketing possibilities
  • Acquisition of new users

We added an additional layer of value to our virtual games by developing them in 2 different types, taking the overall versatility of the product to new heights:

  • Round-based games
  • On-demand games
Being able to set up the entire shop for the price of one standard slot machine allows our clients to grow at pace and set a standard that not many can keep up with.
Start thriving in the harsh ever-growing industry with the help of our SSBTs, contact our sales team, and get the best deals.
two Evona betting terminals

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