Sport Betting with new shiny upgrade – Sport Jackpots

"..captivating frontend with corresponding 4 levels of jackpots to raise conversion rates and help you boost your sales


Sport Betting Jackpots are a new feature for sports betting and live.

They consist of four levels of jackpots, that can be configured to be won as a daily jackpot, weekly, monthly, and long-term jackpot, using the levels and thresholds. Jackpot raise is based on sales of tickets, by % from setup. Jackpots are accumulated to the level where they are defined to be drawn, set by thresholds and min and max win amounts. They are won by random tickets that are considered as candidates (both winning and losing), based on setup parameters where the minimal number of matches, total odds, and pay-in are considered. After the jackpot is won, it is added to the ticket win.

Upon a jackpot victory, the winnings are seamlessly integrated into the ticket win, enhancing the overall user experience. Visibility is key, and our Sports Betting Jackpots are prominently displayed across all frontends, allowing for effective promotion through banners and in-mail messages to capture the attention of your audience.

Furthermore, we understand the importance of transparency and engagement. Therefore, players can easily access the jackpot win history, providing a comprehensive overview of past victories and building excitement for future opportunities. With Sports Betting Jackpots, you’re not just selling a product; you’re offering an exhilarating and rewarding betting experience that keeps your users coming back for more.

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