Betting Terminals / Roulettes

Our Retail Products

Modern, sleek, powerful, and fully customizable landbase retail products will provide an excellent starting point for your business operation. They are a sure way to attract players and generate revenue.

nemesis betting terminal

Betting Terminals

Our latest line of betting terminals brings modern, updated hardware in combination with our fresh and easy-to-use user interface. It also brings a proven and stable software platform our clients are used to. Our selection of fully customizable, feature-packed self-service betting terminals will attract players and bring steady revenues to both casinos, and game room operators.

olympia roulette


No disturbing edges, no cold metal equipment, no unwanted information. Just a clear view and pure entertainment with the new Evona roulette table design. Keep your loyal customers while bringing in new ones with the help of our premium roulette tables. Accommodate and amuse up to 8 players at the same time! Step into our world of astonishing design and alluring gameplay, guaranteed to entertain.