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No disturbing edges, no cold metal equipment, no unwanted information. Just a clear view and pure entertainment with the new Evona roulette table design. Keep your loyal customers while bringing in new ones with the help of our premium roulette tables. Accommodate and amuse up to 8 players at the same time! Step into our world of astonishing design and alluring gameplay, guaranteed to entertain.


Years of experience and many satisfied clients around the world enabled us to create Olympia roulettes. Olympia is our most advanced electro-mechanical roulette table to date. It brings a modern, ergonomic design with a new sound package.

It also has a customizable illumination color system, as well as an optional progressive jackpot system and fast result detection. Its premium build quality provides 4, 6, or 8 player positions in compact dimensions that fit medium to large casino floors.

  • Modern design
  • 4, 6, and 8 player version
  • 24” monitor with LCD screen
  • Online control, monitoring, and service
  • Extra bonus and variable JackPot system
Optional Extras

Our new roulette can be fully equipped in terms of optional accessories and different color of illumination upon customer request.

Step into our world of astonishing design and alluring gameplay, guaranteed to entertain.


  • Bill acceptor with the stacker
  • Ticket In/Out system
  • Single or double zero roulette wheel
  • Granite wheel surface
  • Glass cupola with a lift-up mechanism
  • Golden or silver complements
  • Different light colors of illumination
  • LED backlight inside the wheel
  • UPS system for safe and secure end of the game in case of power distribution
olympia roulette table

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